Cadet Members

Active and Engaged

The POTOMAC HIGHLANDS COMPOSITE SQUADRON strives to provide its members with unique experiences and learning opportunities while promoting the Civil Air Patrol's Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Volunteer Service. Through participation in Civil Air Patrol our members perform life-saving missions, share a love of aerospace, develop lifelong leadership skills and much MORE!!

Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Program is like no other youth organization out there. Cadets in our squadron have the opportunity to train for and participate in Emergency Services missions, receive free orientation flights on CAP aircraft, participate in STEM activities like building and launching rockets, develop lifelong leadership skills, and have FUN!! Cadets also have the opportunity to learn military customs and courtesies and wear an Air Force style uniform. To find out more about the amazing opportunities cadet membership provides Click Here.

Senior Members

Adult members of our squadron have the opportunity to train for and participate in a variety of Emergency Services missions including Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, 
Humanitarian Aid, and Counter Drug, among others. Members who are private pilots can become mission-rated and fly Civil Air Patrol aircraft. Senior members can also participate in activities to promote aerospace information and an interest in aerospace topics as well as training and supporting youth involved in our squadron's Cadet Program. 

To find out more about adult membership in CAP Click Here.